Zollett Waste & Recycling

Container Rental Terms & Conditions

Account Charges, Additional Charges, and Payment Credits:

Customer agrees to pay to Zollett Waste & Recycling any and all service charges and/or adjustments as set forth in this agreement. Included below are material types, rates of container rental, and waste disposal rates. Should additional charges be incurred due to any of the below circumstances, the customer authorizes the billing of all rental fees, overages, and/or other additional charges, directly to their credit card or customer account.  A receipt of these charges will be emailed to the customer. Zollett Waste & Recycling will charge a late fee of one and one-half percent (1.5%) per month, or eighteen percent (18%) per annum, or the maximum as allowed by law, on all past due accounts. Company reserves the right to terminate this agreement if Customer fails to pay charges or should the Customer’s credit worthiness become unacceptable to the Company. Customer hereby agrees to pay any and all collection and legal fees if such action be necessary. Cash on Delivery (COD) customers are required to provide payment by credit card at the time of service request. This will create a payment credit and an invoice will be issued against this credit at the time of removal or service. If Customer is unable to be present at the time of container delivery, it is understood that use of the container constitutes agreement to the terms and conditions that are outlined in this document.

Delivery, Pick-Up, Dry Runs, and Rental Charges:

Customer understands that the container(s) can arrive ANYTIME throughout the day that the dumpster is to be rented.  Your dumpster rental will still include the exact same rates and terms outlined below. Customer can cancel or change their service request in advance of the service date for a fee of $50.00. All orders cancelled or changed on the date of service will be charged $125. Requests for service changes and cancellations received after 5pm on the prior day to service will be treated as a request on the next business day. Customer must call 513-849-6565 and schedule for pick-up on the dumpster. Customer must provide 48 business hours’ notice during normal business hours (8am-5pm Monday – Friday) for service to be performed. We are closed on all major holidays. (ex. If you want your container removed on the seventh (7th) day, you must notify us on the fifth (5th) day of rental during normal business hours.) Zollett Waste & Recycling will charge a “dry run” fee of $125/hour, with a one hour minimum, for unsuccessful attempts to drop-off or pick-up a container as a result of vehicles, locked gates or fences, low power lines or tree branches (must have 20 vertical feet to operate safely), inaccessible driveways or parking lots, containers that have materials heaped up or hanging over the sides, are too heavy to safely transport, strikes, fires, floods, governmental actions, changes in law, weather, traffic, or acts of God.

The quoted rate includes seven (7) days of container rental. Customer acknowledges and understands that rental begins on the day of delivery, and service can occur anytime throughout the day. Beginning the eighth (8th) day, there will be a rental charge of $10/day for each additional day of use. Containers kept longer than thirty (30) days are subject to finalization without notice, with customer responsible for all accumulated rental charges. Container rental will be charged through the last full day of rental prior to removal. Rental will be charged to Customer’s account or credit card upon removal/service or at the end of each month, depending on whichever occurs first.

Permits and On-Site Moving:

Customer is responsible for any and all permits associated with the job site, including street permits. Please check with your city or town to see if these apply. Service calls for on-site container moving will be at a charge of $125/hour with a one hour minimum.

Material Type, Loading, and Weight Limits:

Containers will be loaded uniformly and not exceed “water level” over the top rail of the box. Containers will not be loaded past their allotted tonnage limit and will not contain fill dirt or hardfill (concrete, asphalt, gravel, brick, cinder block, and stone) unless prior authorization is given.  A charge of $60/ton, charged in a pro-rated amount, will be assessed for each ton over these limits.  20 cubic yard containers used in the removal of hardfill debris will not be loaded more than half way in the dumpster due to weight restrictions and will not contain any fill dirt.  No container shall exceed a weight of 10 tons. Zollett Waste & Recycling reserves the right to deny pick-up on a dumpster, should it be unsafely overloaded by volume or weight.  If the load exceeds the legal limits of the container or vehicle, customer must remove a sufficient amount of material to bring the load into legal compliance. If customer refuses to do so, Zollett Waste & Recycling reserves the right to dump all or any portion of the load at the job site.  Customer shall be responsible for any and all overweight fines levied by local, state, and/or federal entities. Customer is responsible for contents of container during the rental period, and is responsible for any charges as a result of contamination.  Any container that is deemed for Construction and Demolition Debris (C&DD) that contains Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) will be classified as contaminated and will be billed at the Municipal Solid Waste rate. Municipal Solid Waste restrictions are outlined in the material definition section.  Since we cannot control the weather, Zollett Waste & Recycling will not make pricing adjustments for wet debris during disposal and will assess a charge of $60/load for dumpsters that require dig-out service.

Material Types & Tonnage Allocations:

  • CONSTRUCTION & DEMOLITION DEBRIS (C&DD): Clean materials resulting from the alteration, construction, destruction, rehabilitation, or repair of any man-made physical structure, including houses, buildings, industrial or commercial facilities, or roadways. Cannot contain solid waste, yard waste, liquids, or PCB materials.
    • C&DD INCLUDES: framing or finishing lumber • siding, roofing, windows, and doors • plaster, drywall, wall coverings • spouting and plumbing fixtures • furnace duct work • electrical wiring containing no hazardous materials • carpeting • brick, concrete, and other masonry materials (Hardfill (see below) must be approved by office) PLEASE, NO BEVERAGE BOTTLES, CANS, OR LUNCH BAGS. You will be charged for Solid Waste/Sanitary Waste Disposal !!!!
    • Tonnage Allotment:

        Dayton Market                                                                         Cincinnati Market

Container Size Tons Allotted   Container Size Tons Allotted
10yd 6 Ton 10yd 2 Ton
15yd 8 Ton 15yd 2.5 Ton
20yd 10 Ton 20yd 3 Ton
30yd 10 Ton 30yd 4 Ton
40yd 10 Ton 40yd 5 Ton


  • MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTE/SANITARY WASTE (MSW): Waste generated from community, commercial, or agricultural operations. Includes waste from households, offices, stores and other non-manufacturing activities. Cannot contain yard waste, liquids, or PCB materials
    • MSW INCLUDES: •old clothing and toys •household trash •construction debris empty tar buckets • empty spackle compound buckets •food waste •cardboard and paper waste •plastic and metal jugs •caulking tubes •plastic and Styrofoam •furniture and bed springs •carpet padding •rugs.
    • Tonnage Allotment

       Dayton Market                                                                         Cincinnati Market

Container Size Tons Allotted   Container Size Tons Allotted
10yd 2 Ton 10yd 2 Ton
15yd 2.5 Ton 15yd 2.5 Ton
20yd 3 Ton 20yd 3 Ton
30yd 4 Ton 30yd 4 Ton
40yd 5 Ton 40yd 5 Ton


  • HARDFILL – concrete, asphalt, brick, stone, cinder block (NO DIRT PLEASE)
    • Tonnage Allotment
      • 20 yd. – 10 Ton Max. (About half of container full)
  • CONCRETE – Concrete only. Must be in sections less than one-foot diameter.
    • Tonnage Allotment
      • 20 yd. – 10 Ton Max. (About half of container full)
  • WOOD / YARD WASTE– brush, shrubs, tree limbs up to 4” in diameter. (NO STUMPS OR ROOT BALLS)
    • Tonnage Allotment
      • All Sizes – 10 Ton Max.

Waste Material and Prohibited Items:

Customer is responsible for contents of container during the rental period, and is responsible for any charges as a result of contamination or disposal of prohibited materials.


Customer represents and warrants that the materials placed in the containers shall be “waste material” as defined herein and shall contain no other substances. The term “waste material” as used in these Terms & Conditions shall mean solid waste, construction and demolition debris, or hardfill generated by Customer excluding: Radioactive Materials, Highly Flammable Materials, Hazardous Materials, Volatile Materials, Biomedical Materials, Toxic Materials, Explosive Materials, and Infectious Materials.  The term “hazardous materials” shall include, but not be limited to, any amount of waste listed or characterized as hazardous by the United States Environmental Protection Agency or any state agency pursuant to the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1976, as amended or applicable by law. Liability for any waste materials, including the excluding materials listed above, shall remain with Customer and Customer expressly agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Zollett Waste & Recycling affiliates or subsidiaries and the service provider from and against any and all damages, penalties, fines, and liabilities resulting from or arising out of such waste materials, including the excluded materials listed above.  Other Specific Prohibited Items Include, but are not limited to:  Tires, Appliances, Electronics, Tanks of any kind (propane, fuel, Freon, etc.), Flammable materials, Liquids, Batteries, Solvents, Lacquers, Oils, Paint Cans, Contaminated Absorbents, Asbestos, Chemicals, Lead Paint Materials, Equipment Containing Gas or Oil, Freon, Medical Waste, and Biological Hazards. Customer is responsible for contents of container during the rental period, and is responsible for any charges as a result of contamination or disposal of prohibited materials. If any of the listed materials are found in a container, Zollett Waste & Recycling reserves the right to deny pick-up until the prohibited materials are removed.

Driveways and Parking Areas:

Customer warrants that any access/location provided for the dumpster equipment is sufficient to bear the weight of all equipment and vehicles required to perform the service. Neither Zollett Waste & Recycling, affiliates, nor subsidiaries, shall be responsible for the damage to any pavement or accompanying sub-surface or any route reasonably necessary to perform the services herein contracted or for damage to utilities, property, lawns, fences, or shrubbery.

Damage to Containers:

Customer accepts that the container is in good working condition and takes full responsibility to any damage that occurs to the container while on the job site beyond normal wear and tear.  The cost to repair the damage, including but not limited to: structural supports, outside rails, outside door hinges, and rollers, as well as lost service revenue, will be billed to the customer and paid in full on receipt of the bill.  ***CUSTOMERS WILL NOT MOVE THE CONTAINER ONCE PLACED ON SITE*** If the container has been moved, the customer will be immediately charged for any damage to the container. Damage is defined as any defect that was not previously on the container or any circumstance that would prevent the container from daily use.